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Trades are rising !!!

Hey Mike
Just read your post …
I really can’t wait to hear these interviews Coming in for season 3
It’s so exciting

I am really looking forward to the discussions on how not to run your business
Reason being ….
I’m 37
Working for my father
Home builder/renovation!
Been here all my life ,he still runs the company like it’s 1985
It drives me absolutely crazy .
Yes I works but with today’s technology and the awareness surrounding workers rights and the importance of employees feeling valued and not just a “worker”
I am just starting to take on more of the business side of the company as the word “retirement “ is being thrown around a lot lately..
He’s not retiring because he want to relax and enjoy life . He’s retiring because he’s tired of dealing with people !!!
I am so ready to take the business over and involve our employees a little more and have some special days throughout the year to show them I appreciate them !!!

The trades have so be much room to grow. We have been kept low on the totem pole in society
But I relate that statement too..
The lowest on the pole must be the strongest.. and must hold everyone else up or the pole falls over !

You are doing a really good thing here !!
Keep up the good work!!

Aug. 7, 2022 by Jesse Jesso on This Website

The Contracting Handbook Podcast