The Contracting Handbook Podcast

Must listen if you are in the trades

My buddy sent me this in the beginning of my company’s journey and I overlooked it thinking I didn’t need help. I was wrong we all need help and we all need to keep learning. This podcast has completely changed the way I will be operating going forward. These first ten episodes have skyrocketed my realization that I’m a work in progress and this is exactly the mastermind type setting to exponentially expand my horizon as I navigate this Fairbanks, Alaska gold trove of fun exciting jobs and also weed out the tire kickers I been letting get deep into my daily time..

Tony Peterson here with
Hestia Contractors

Thanks Dan LaBarre and Chris Brandenburg of UB Wiring

Let’s get these good productive builds flowing 🤙

April 20, 2023 by uncletonytone on Apple Podcasts

The Contracting Handbook Podcast