Sept. 12, 2022

Adam Corneil Of Unbuilders: Deconstructing the Demolition Mindset

Adam Corneil Of Unbuilders: Deconstructing the Demolition Mindset

“We know that people make the decision based on money and not the environment but there is this beautiful environmental narrative that is very impactful”

This is a talk how the building industry decided that installed resources no longer had value. It was a time of abundance. It’s the economics of “unbuilding” instead of going to the landfill. It’s not a new idea, but a return to a lost practice.

Getting contractors on board takes a while. If you’ve gutted a place, you can understand why. Price, but will it become affordable?

Adam doesn’t just see the money, it’s a passion for salvage and preserving the earth’s resources and best illustrated by his teaching classes that will educate his competition in the industry.

Adam is at the frontier of, not just waste, but standards of practice for abatement. His crew goes into buildings after asbestos has been removed, but current standards are not high enough to protect his crew, the neighbors and bystanders. Current legislation that backs deconstructing are a “greenwashing” of the issue.

Adam’s most useful tool? You’ve never heard of it!

You know there’s always more so please join us and see what you find!

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