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Canadian carpenter

Just listened to this episode! Love hearing Joe’s thoughts on bringing in kids to learn and his straightforward attitude, makes him believable! I’ve had the privilege to chat with him on ig a few times and I always come away with useful information! Definitely had to move this one to the top of the listen list!

Crew management

I'm hooked! A friend sent me your episode with Joe Mitchell, who I have followed a long time. It's inspriing to hear about their trade program and how diligently they approach employee management. The thing you said about employers saying stuff like "they should just work hard, they should just be good employees...". It's so typical becasue like Joe said, "they're afraid". Great show guys. I'm actually did I not know about this podcast? Please keep up the great work!

Modern Craftsman 2.0

This is the builders builder podcast. You have removed the time wasting fluff of the the other construction podcasts. Your unique line of questioning sets you apart. You are the new thought leader in the construction industry, sir. Thank you for you for all of your hard work. I'm going back and starting at the begining.

A Rare Look Into the Trades

I love this podcast because it gets into the details of being in the trades. You walk away from each episode with a clearer idea of what the day to day struggles and triumphs are for a successful tradesperson who is passionate about their craft.

A Rare Look Inside the Trades

There are plenty of tradespeople on youtube or instagram sharing knowledge, but they're mostly sharing highlights. They don't get into the nuts and bolts of their business or the mistakes they've made or the struggles they've had. This podcast does all that, which is why its is so valuable. It can also be really inspirational, because it's people talking about what they love.

Affirmation and Wisdom

This is a great show. I look forward to every one because I never know what to expect. Your episode with Allison Ianstosca was so cool. I absolutely loved it. Allison from Integro Builders just lays it out about clients. I didn’t even think about the time when it ended, I just wanted to hear more. Then to Tasmania! Wow. Freddy Roman sent shivers down my spine. No one talks about stuff like this around here. Somehow I’m more proud after listening to your podcast.

Mike Knoche, you're a bad ass. I love that you thought no one was listening nin Season 1 but have never stopped. I'm sorry I didn't write sooner. I don't know what it would be like to not have this reference material. I keep thinking about you and roofslayer talking about "when you were young" and had nothing. You have given us all something. "Everything you do each day is your legacy, so make it a legacy that matters" - Mike Knoche Thank you.

Must listen if you are in the trades

My buddy sent me this in the beginning of my company’s journey and I overlooked it thinking I didn’t need help. I was wrong we all need help and we all need to keep learning. This podcast has completely changed the way I will be operating going forward. These first ten episodes have skyrocketed my realization that I’m a work in progress and this is exactly the mastermind type setting to exponentially expand my horizon as I navigate this Fairbanks, Alaska gold trove of fun exciting jobs and also weed out the tire kickers I been letting get deep into my daily time.. Tony Peterson here with Hestia Contractors Thanks Dan LaBarre and Chris Brandenburg of UB Wiring Let’s get these good productive builds flowing 🤙

Excellent podcast

Mike- you bring out the best in people. I mean it. Every pod has nuggets but this season has stood out for me. I look forward to every episode.

More “topical” episodes please!

Mike, I love TCH. You’re killing it. I’m not complaining but I wish you were still doing the “topical” episodes as you call them. The “cold call” , “first time site visit…”, etc from the first season we’re just killer. Freddy’s baseball bat is too, don’t get me wrong! Really! Lol

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Great show

I have a small excavation and septic biz on the oregon coast and enjoy this shows themes on running a small trades based business and balancing work and life. He has a great progressive flavor on the industry which isn’t something you always find in the trades. Keith Owl properties LLC


Great to hear how things have changed for Ella! This quick round is a great catch up!


Great podcast! The thing Greg touched on at the end, it’s becoming easier to figure things out because of social media! I used to be that guy that didn’t want to ask because back then if you didn’t know you were a joke so to speak, now it’s becoming so much easier to reach out and ask those questions that you used to have to just wait and watch


This podcast packs a punch. I can’t listen to it in the background while I work, so I cue it up for materials runs or while I clean. There’s always something to write down. Plus, there is a good variety of guests. This makes my Mondays less manic!

Great to meet you at JLC! I absolutely love your pod. After meeting you and hear you talk to others, I know you’re the real deal!

Tim and Brian

Just listened to Brian and Tim! Great podcast! I’ve always enjoyed hearing their points of view, they keep it real and fun! Plus they can both teach us a few things! And like Tim gets into the “ our body’s will wear out” and how to treat ourselves better to last longer!

Automatic Upgrade

Every time the podcast is automatically downloaded, play next is my next choice. Keep up the awesome work!

Too squeaky

How many times have I had to turn a tool off or stop pushing a squeaky wheelbarrow so I wouldn’t miss an interesting moment in this podcast! A huge diversity of guests and interesting perspectives- definitely on my rotation of podcasts while I work.

The Joe Rogan of contracting podcasts!

Where do I start Mike the host of the Contracting Handbook is the most down to earth and fun loving dude you could ever want to sit and chat with. Just like Rogan Mike makes every guest feel welcome and puts them in some sort of a psychic trance. The effortless conversations he has with the contractors he has on seems effortless and fun. Seriously my favorite listen next to The Joe Rogan Experience and I look forward every week to a new guest. Give it a listen and I promise you’ll be hooked! Mike deserves for this thing to explode so let’s spread the word and get him to the top! Tom- Straight Up Stairs

Great podcast for every tradesperson. Listen and you’ll see👍

One of my favorite podcasts to listen too. Mike is one cool cat and a great host. It doesn’t matter what trade you’re in (or looking to get into), I’m sure you will gain some pertinent information from listening…and be entertained as well. It’s great hearing real stories from real people. Influencing people to get into the trades, one story at a time. Great job Mike K from the AK 🙌

Why I got into the trades

I’m a second generation builder. Growing up on a jobsite I never questioned what I wanted to do in life. My first aspirations as young as kindergarten were to be a business owner. Along the way I’ve had so many role models in the trades who have helped me in countless ways. Kevin Choquette Ravin Builders Rhode Island

Top notch pod!

Hey Mike, always appreciate listening to you and your guest on the podcast. Interesting to hear others share ideas and some of the struggles we are up against in the trades. Thought provoking for sure.

Top notch pod!

Hey Mike, always appreciate listening to you and your guest on the podcast. Interesting to hear others share ideas and some of the struggles we are up against in the trades. Thought provoking for sure.

It's very interesting story

Mike is a real contractor. That comes through loud and clear in each episode. He’s obviously got many years of experience, and the tips he’s shared have already saved me thousands on a couple of personal projects. The podcast is fun to listen to, and the guest selection has been impressive. He’s a very good interviewer. Looking forward to where it goes in the future!

Very interesting podcast. Thank you for that. I listen in Stuttgart, Germany.

Mike is a kind, funny, articulate person. In a short amount of time he's gone from giving business advise he had to learn the hard way on the podcast to, interviewing industry pioneers, wave makers and norm shakers. With every episode he grows the world wide construction tribe and I'm so proud to be a part of it

I love Mike's approach to hosting real podcasts discussing very real topics related to the industry. I was humbled to have been a guest on one episode and he is a regular listen for me!

What Mike is doing with this podcast is so important. Bringing so many unique voices to the table and extracting from them real world pearls of insight for us all to benefit from. This is a serious pod. No drama, No hype, No fight, No macho nonsense. This should be on the top of everyone's list.