April 25, 2022

Casey Finan talks ADD and trade denigration

Casey Finan talks ADD and trade denigration

Casey Finan of Finan Craftsmanship is a restoration artist but he would never claim to be a contractor.

On ADD…when he first heard of it he essentially looked down on it, like many, like it was an excuse. He now sees building as therapy because it engages all of his senses.

Casey says he was a “C” student. School did stimulate him but he was reluctant to pursue trades because of the stigma…in high school the burnouts pursued trades (this was my experience as well).

Then he carves his own path in to rehabbing old houses and started an apprenticeship program to pass the torch.

In the second installment, Casey “Not a Contractor” Finan tells us how he created a job for himself.
Why he can’t be a traditional contractor and why he charges his mom full rate!

Value: Integrity- life family, friends, subs, inspectors, and no yelling, why do we accept yelling?

Greatest mentor
When I ask this question, Caseys reply dives into the eternal question of how we bring people into the trades

Casey doesn’t like the business stuff, it gives him the heebie jeebies, but he loves hearing from men and women all over the world experiencing the same things. Gena Hoyt, Sasha Kassis, Ella Star, Brant Taylor, him, me

Then we talk about a guy who is 20 trying to decide. Mike defaults to telling people the decisions you make today matter for tomorrow…

Casey self diagnoses a huge health problem. We can all relate to problem solving. I’m full of sarcasm and irony by nature, this problem solving is TOP. Its not you and WebMD. Listen. Do not tune out. I mean it. Don’t turn away from truth and what you can learn from survivors.

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