April 11, 2022

McClain Construction Group: The Contracting Handbook Master Class (Part 1)

McClain Construction Group: The Contracting Handbook Master Class  (Part 1)

Drew McClain brings much experience to The Contracting Handbook this week. Coming up through the trades as an electrician and moved on to project supervision after the 2008 housing crash. He has built a long resume of incredible builds with the vision of one day opening McClain Construction Group and building a legacy of his own.

I’ve been watching progress on a 30,000 sq foot “French Mansion on the Beach” that Drew is supervising and it’s a beast! There is so much going on you need to go to his handle on Hammr to see it.

While Drew wraps up that project, the day has come, McClain Construction Group is a reality. The conversation that unfolds in these next two episodes are, in a sense, what I imagined The Contracting Handbook to be at the outset. It’s a driving conversation between this incredibly knowledgeable and experienced home build supervisor and myself. Asked him to maybe have a few questions for me and he’s got me on the run the entire pod! Drew really brings the heat!

You can see from the quote where his priorities lie, now listen and meet Palm Beach’s next top home builder!

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