Nov. 28, 2022

Fiona Plett of Herself Contracting: House healing and a builder at a crossroads

Fiona Plett of Herself Contracting: House healing and a builder at a crossroads

“Learn from everything, every experience is an opportunity to learn.”

Fiona Plett @herselfcontracting loves working close with her clients to heal their homes. She wants to rid them of the “irritants” that plague their space.

Upcycling and re-purposing materials rank high in what to use for projects, but you know the catch, it costs more than buying that factory built hollow core door, 100%.

So how to do you get the client on board with the idea?

Physical time: Waste time- your choice

On communication: anticipating the conversation and scripting in a sense.


Time off
Buy the stuff you need

The goal: Making “one of’s”

The direction? Getting more creative with what she knows which may incorporate the new timber framing.

Advice: don’t volunteer your time, get paid for your time.

Join us for another podcast episode on self-determination!

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