May 26, 2021

Five things NOT TO DO during client cold calls

Five things NOT TO DO during client cold calls

Today I talk about five things you should never do when you are talking to a client for the first time (or ever for that matter). Tune in to hear what I have learned and implemented after 16 years of talking to new potential clients on the phone. I'm sharing this information so you don't have to experience the painful lessons I did as I developed my small contracting company!

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The Contracting Handbook podcast discusses the behind the scenes running of a small contracting company. Your host, Mike Knoche, has been successfully running his small contracting company for 16 years. Here he shares what worked for him, mistakes he made along the way, and his “aha” moments. It’s everything from starting up, working with employees, subcontractors, and client. He’ll get into proposals, contracts, marketing and much more. It won’t just be Mike’s perspective as he will talk to contractors from all over the US and the world because through his travels in the off season he’s come to see that contractors everywhere have similar business needs, struggles, and ideas in common. Contact Mike at for questions, comments, or to be interviewed.

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