Aug. 8, 2022

Jake Bruton of Aarow Building: Act like a real company!

Jake Bruton of Aarow Building: Act like a real company!

“I want my employees to retire happy someday, same as I do.”

Are you acting like a real company?

You guys that know your guy, Jake Bruton, know he does so with his company @aarowbuilding . For the rest of you who don’t know him…

Jake is a high-performance home builder, and he knows and wants it to be clear to everyone that tradespeople should be treated as professionals.

Flex week
Paid time off
Paid training
Truck, phone, and tools
Retirement account
My market won’t support it!!?! How can I afford to act like areal company AND build high performance homes? That’s a lot of money, Jake!
He quotes buddy Steve @stevebaczekarchitect
“Is there a Mercedes dealer within 100 miles of the house? If there is, then your market is supported by people that want something that costs more because they seek value…”
Look out! LIVE CALCULATIONS (insert nerd face) of additional overhead costs of the benefits package relative to gross income per employee.

If you meet wit your client and at the end of the meeting, the only thing they are concerned about is the bottom line, this might not be your client. Recall Season 1: Episode 6- “Everyone is not your client”.

With the speed round comes a Mom joke (insert teeth face)!

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