May 22, 2023

Joe Canning, The Canadian Carpenter: The Impact of Influencers and His Entrance Into Trades

Joe Canning, The Canadian Carpenter: The Impact of Influencers and His Entrance Into Trades
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Meet Joe Canning aka @canadiancarpenter and hear the story of how a guy with a degree in 3D graphic arts leaves that life behind for a career in skilled trades. With a wife, four mouths to feed, and no work available in his field, Joe went to work as the laborer under 13’s another case of the 4-year degree fallacy. So tune into to hear about Joe as an apprentice and the journey to the beard we all know and love.


Then, we take a stab at the impact of Instagram influencing on the industry as a whole. At the end of the day, Joe wants to make the framing process easier for anyone willing to listen and learn. He’s been reviewing tools long before Instagram was a thing and points out some flaws in that sort of promotion. Is he teaching the kids if its cool to be in the trades or that its cool to be an influencer.


We don’t dwell on the labor deficit but take a look the reasons why it seems like “everyone is soft”. We were raised to be tough but that has lead to a generation of parents that don’t challenge their kids. 


Joe is not afraid to talk about his ADHD. It’s not a block. It’s just a different way of thinking. He also empathizes with those suffering from anxiety but you got to deal with it in what ever way possible. Bottom line: Discipline, people!



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Guest:Joe Canning

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