Aug. 15, 2022

Niya Doncheva of Faux & Finish discusses leaving that higher education track career, the mind of a tradeswoman, client expectations and life.

Niya Doncheva of Faux & Finish discusses leaving that higher education track career, the mind of a tradeswoman, client expectations and life.

“The more people tell you no and the more challenging it seems, the more you’re going to thanks yourself later on for growing as a person”

Niya gave it a go in a career that has included advertising, health care and accounting… but they were boring. As soon as she mastered what was required, they were deeply unsatisfying. Sound familiar anyone?

As soon as she was shadowing a finisher, it was off to the races! She picked up her own sprayer and compressor. It quells the ADHD and the dyslexia is a superpower. She’s sees things the client cannot, she copes and doesn’t let the stigma stand in the way.

Work life balance is a work in progress but, she is goal oriented and moves between her life like one of her pieces… there’s a bit of sanding, touch up, and drying time involved so move the next piece and return later.

One of my favorite moments is the interpretation of the word “new” for the contractor (her) and one of her clients. A classic nuance in the art of communication!

Back to the shop space, it’s L.A. size! So, the balancing act between drying times and the client expectations grows.

What’s good about being Bulgarian? We find some parallels between the Bulgarian and the German upbringing, lol!

This episode comes with a guarantee of laughs and smiles!

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