April 18, 2022

Robin Pierson 1st year apprentice Plumber & Pipefitter

Robin Pierson 1st year apprentice Plumber & Pipefitter

Today, you get to meet my friend Robin Pierson, The Plumber Formerly Known As HVAC Warrior Woman, if you don’t already know her, prepare to be charmed and disarmed.

Robin story starts in the garage helping her grandfather on cars, a tradition she carries on with her daughter.

Like many before her, she had a career that she left behind to become a tradie. She is in her final year of apprenticeship and we hit upon a very cool and recent development in her career.

Robin is a self proclaimed “a late bloomer” in terms of thinking about retirement. “Retirement?”, you say? Yeah, I didn’t think about it either for a time. Here’s a reminder.

She has been the victim of hyper masculine abuse on the jobsite. I could but couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She’s also been told “why should I teach everything I know, then I won’t have ajob.”

Robin plans on increasing the number of women in her union in the years ahead and she’s got great ideas on how to do it.

Robin accomplished this singlehandedly with young daughters and I think she ready to be an empty nester!

You know there’s always more to the story than these simple descriptions so don’t miss out on this one!

Please tell me in the comments what I left out after you listen. I’m always cruising at light speed producing the show and sometimes things get past me. Thanks to everyone who writes me and says that such and such a thing “really resonated”. I love it.

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