Feb. 13, 2023

Bryan and Timmy Uhler: "Don't take yourself so seriously."

Bryan and Timmy Uhler:

On Monday December 19, Bryan and Tim Uhler of Pioneer Builders join Mike Knoche on The Contracting Handbook to talk shop about building on spec, reflecting on their trip to Switzerland, and what really matters in life.

There are a bunch of questions for the Uhler’s from guest questioners Aron Jones, Ryan Smith and Michael Anschel before the “Uhler Speed Round”.

Both Brian and Tim recommend not taking yourself to seriously in this life, and they broke all the rules on the favorite tools by giving multiple tools and classes of tools. They may not take themselves too seriously, but they are serious about their tools!

My name is Mike Knoche and I’m a general contractor and reformed remodeler representing Zone 8 in Fairbanks, Alaska, I’m on a mission to catalyze the conversation in construction and give a platform to voices from across the industry at all levels of experience. The TCH podcast is a distillation of nearly 1000 years of collective construction industry knowledge and experiences through discussions with my guests over 102 episodes. It’s a grass roots effort to share knowledge, empower contractors and tradespeople with knowledge and affirmation. It started off as a mission to make the business side of running a contracting business easier, but running the business is nuanced. There’s making time for family, long days on the jobsite, irrational clients, stress, mental health issues, cool ideas, setting standards, honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism, and an absolute need to pull together to recruit more people in the trades, women in particular. We need more builders. What’s more, the experiences are universal across the building community we’re not that different no matter where we live. Since the podcast launch in May 2021, the podcast has been downloaded in over 70 countries and I am proud to tell you the TCH is now in the Top 2% of all podcasts globally. I may independently record and produce the podcast, but every GC needs good talent. Thanks to an A list of guests, we were able to build it, and the people came, as they say. Before the podcast launch, I was cynical about the construction industry with a good dash of hope. Now this hopeful cynic has found inspiration from the genuine nature of my guests, their stories, and feedback from my listeners.


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Guests: Tim Uhler @awesomeframers

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