Take Up Trades Initiative

The "Take Up Trades Initiative" is a collaborative effort to collect an oral history of how tradesmen and tradeswomen got into the trades and archive them into a podcast series called "Tales of the Trades". 

We the skilled build and maintain our communities. There would be no civilization without us. We are problem solvers that use grit and intellect to get the job done. By sharing our stories we can encourage future recruits into the traits and help diminish the stigma that a career in the trades has less value than a post graduate career.


Let's make history together! Share your story!


Here’s the submission criteria:

1.No time limit. Most submissions have been over 5 minutes. Try not drift too far from “the moment you knew you were destined for the trades”.

2.Family friendly language for all the small human taxi drivers and for your editor, producer and host, ME.

3.Submit by May 1, 2023

4.I would prefer videos or voice recordings, so it is in YOUR voice, but I’ll read and record written submissions too!


How to submit:


1.If your story is less than 2 minutes you can leave it as a voice memo on my website. Just click the little microphone in the lower right.

2.Record your story using the voice memo app on your phone and attach it to an email from your phone




3.Make a selfie video sitting on your couch, at your desk, out for a walk while telling the story. It would be fun to use some of this footage for some reels.



4.Respond here directly by email

5.Go to the “Contact” link on the website and leave it there as a message.

I recommend typing any written submission out in a document, saving it, and either cut and pasting or sending the document to me. It reduces the risk of losing your work.

6.Write your answer in a review of the podcast (your reviews are gold to this independently produced podcast host).