Sept. 19, 2022

Dan Ford of Ford Custom Renovations: Removing himself from the field and scaling up

Dan Ford of Ford Custom Renovations: Removing himself from the field and scaling up

“If you think you’re there, then you need to check yourself because you’ll never be, there’s always new materials comin out, new ways of doing things, a new trick… always learning.”

For those of you that don’t know Dan Ford, Dan started as a one-man freelance carpenter band and now he’s got a design build firm.

I love that Dan describes being a GC as chaos! It’s familiar because I always say it’s “trying to control chaos”. There is no one I’ve had on that I feel more parallels the experience as a GC.

This is a tale of scaling up, building relationships and nurturing those relationships.

Self-observation and personal growth (check)
Learning trust and delegating (check)
Cooperation and respect for the knowledge of the staff
Diet, sleep, and stress
Checking ego at the door

And the last one rings true throughout this podcast episode. Dan knows he’s a work in progress and he’s humble when he shares his experience.

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Guest:Dan Ford