Jan. 17, 2022

Gena Hoyt of Big Dog Construction talks labor shortage and solutions

Gena Hoyt of Big Dog Construction talks labor shortage and solutions

Today Mike Gena Hoyt, co-owner and co-founder of Big Dog Construction discuss the labor force shortage and what could help to change public perception of the trades and tradespeople to bring more young people to the table. Listen in to hear us talk about the US vs Canada, the good, the bad and the ugly. Gena also talks about being Aron Jones boss, their partnership, and what its like to be a contractor in Grand Manan, NB.

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Mike Knoche has been running his general contracting business for 16 years. It's been trial by fire and in The Contracting Handbook, Mike shares his successes, his failures and asks other industry leaders to join him in a discussion of how to run a construction business! The Contracting Handbook podcast discusses the behind the scenes running of a small construction company. It’s everything from starting up, working with employees, subcontractors, and clients. Remember, it won’t just be Mike’s perspective as he will talk to contractors from all over the world about theirs too! Why the world over? Because through his travels in the off season he’s come to see that contractors everywhere have similar business needs, struggles, and ideas in common. We a are a global community of builders! Contact Mike at info@thecontractinghandbook.com for questions, comments, or to be interviewed.

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Host: Mike Knoche

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Guest: Gena Hoyt

Website: @bigdogconstructio.gm