May 15, 2023

Joe Mitchell of Finish Point Trim: Crew Leadership and Client Conflict

Joe Mitchell of Finish Point Trim: Crew Leadership and Client Conflict
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Talk about dedication to team building, creating opportunity to learn skilled trades, and the future of craftsman, carpenter by trade, Joe Mitchell of Finish Point Trim.



Finish Point has an incredible apprenticeship program and, if you think it sounds great, they are happy to share their blueprint with you. A testament to their dedication to recruiting more young people into the skilled trades.  


We dive into the idea that some people are unteachable, what it takes to coach, and why it ultimately boils down to our leadership. Joe Mitchell believes in having employee agreements instead of the standard set of rules. It there is a rotten apple, they escalate quickly to place them back in the open market rather than “horde a problem”.


On clients, its on us to learn to serve them how they want, intently listening and executing. We serve to educate as well, and when they are wrong, we let them be wrong with dignity.


This is one of the most inspiring talks about leadership and the need to focus on skilled trades that I have had to date. Don’t miss it and please leave a review!



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