Sept. 2, 2021

Kyle Hunt of "Remodelers on the Rise" (Part 1)

Kyle Hunt of

Today, Kyle Hunt, host of Remodelers on the Rise (podcast) and founder of Remodel Your Marketing joins Mike for a lively chat about running your contracting business. Kyle has been coaching his clients for 14 years and really cuts to the chase! In this first installment of the interview, Mike and Kyle discuss the perfect marketing scheme from scratch. Kyle really drives home the importance of always keeping that in mind. They talk about taking action steps and giving yourself deadlines to hold yourself accountable and end imploring you to always be recruiting new help even if you dont need new help. Why? Listen to find out.

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The Contracting Handbook podcast discusses the behind the scenes running of a small contracting company. Your host, Mike Knoche, has been running his small contracting company for 16 years. Here he shares what worked for him, mistakes he made along the way, and his “aha” moments. It’s everything from starting up, working with employees, subcontractors, and client. He’ll get into proposals, contracts, marketing and much more. It won’t just be Mike’s perspective as he will talk to contractors from all over  the world of any variety of size and structure because through his travels in the off season he’s come to see that contractors everywhere have similar business needs, struggles, and ideas in common. Contact Mike at for questions, comments, or to be interviewed.

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