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9 out of 10

Nothing is perfect but this podcast is excellent!

Mike, I like the way you roll. I can tell you’re thinking and processing in each conversation. It’s totally badass that you record and produce this podcast on the side. I know that it’s no joke to produce. Before I got into contracting, I was a music producer, so I know how it can be when there is one detail that needs to be just right. Man, I hope I get to meet you one day. That would be dope.

Pretty Good Podcast

Get it? I enjoy the diversity of guests from many trades and experience levels. I’m like you and build high performance as best I can with what I’ve got. I’d love to hear more from that community too. For those of you who didn’t get it, “Pretty good” podcast is a take off from the “Pretty Good House”, a book that helps set standards for hp homes. This podcast is refreshing, thoughtful, and a pleasure to listen to

Real people

I don't know how you choose your guests, but they are all great! Please don't stop.

30 years in the trades and dig the content

Killing it with great guests and content. Something personal to me is mentoring/teaching and uplifting the occupation for future generations. That's where it has to start if we want inspired people working for us and Mike is doing it his way with the pod.

You’re changing lives, THANK YOU Mike.

Seriously, it’s a must listen podcast, implementing the things Mike talks through his podcast is a game changer, now business is much easier and enjoyable, and making more money is never a bad thing. The info and the tips are top notch and the guests are always wicket cool. Keep up the good work Mike.


I liked the episode about estimating with Michael Anschel. I don’t know how to incorporate it all but the conversation and follow up on IG Live were thought provoking. I don’t have anyone to talk to about contracting. This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m going back to the beginning of Season 1. I look forward to your ruse. Congrats on getting in the Top 2%!!

Most excellent

The concept of this construction podcast is far out! It’s about our collective experience and nuance. At the end of the day, every job we do as contractors is more about collaboration not competition. Very cool. Highly recommend.

Good program

From Jake Bruton to Barbie the Welder, this recent season took some interesting twists and turns. I enjoy that you have people at all different experience levels on the show, differing trades, also from different countries. I’m an aging contractor and I never underestimate the insight that younger tradespeople have on a project. Fresh eyes, fresh perspective. I enjoy the focus of each show, always a little different from the last. Your questions at the end brings about humility. I like that. I hope to hear more soon.

If you’re in the field of construction or contracting, and you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re seriously doing yourself a disservice. Mike Knoche has created an epic podcast that is simply put, refreshing to listen to. He selects guests with unique skill sets and backgrounds, so it never gets repetitive or boring hearing the same thing over and over again. He also does a fantastic job at getting to know each guest before hand, and it shows in the quality of the pod. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from his show. On multiple occasions I’ve literally been sitting down listening to the same episode for the 3rd time with a pen and paper so I can take notes. It’s given me so many new perspectives to consider, and I can say wholeheartedly that my business has improved directly as a result from listening to this podcast. Thank you Mike! 10/10 recommend!!

Smashing it!

I didn't start out in the construction world, my background is in business administration and financial planning. When I came into the construction world there were so many things about the industry that seemed odd to me about how construction businesses were run and how the business owners conducted their business. Fast forward to Mike and his podcast going on-air, WOW, who would have thought that one man could bring about such conversation and on topics that EVERYONE should be talking about and learning about in this industry! I have learned so much from the podcasts and the people who have bared their souls to Mike in the interest of helping the rest of us succeed! There is always something in every episode that hits home for me, there are things that I chew on for awhile, and there are things that I say, "nope that wouldn't work for me". But the point of it all is to open your mind and be open to changing yourself and your business constantly. If you listen to these people with an open mind and a willingness to learn, YOU WILL WANT TO BE BETTER! Thank you Mike, you are a miracle worker in so many ways, your podcast and some of it's guests have helped me tremendously over the past 2 years to grow both my own mental health and our business. And thank you for becoming an amazing friend and colleague!

Thanks Mike

Keep it up! Good man.


Glad I found this podcast. Very well done by a very well rounded individual. Keep up the great work Mike! And keep the great episodes coming! — EJB

Let’s hear the real MK!

You hairy bastard! Quit being so casual all the time. Give us some cynical burnt out contractor action, hehe! No, but really. F*** yes! I’m not picking favorites but I’ve listened to many of your episodes multiple times. It keeps getting better. Also, LOVE THE THEME JAM. It’s the only podcast theme worth an earworm, he. Bring it, maestro!

"Welded art is the gateway drug into the trades" -Barbie The Welder

NO CAP!!! The questions you asked Barbie were unexpected to me, but you're a carpenter. I'm an apprentice welder but you remind me off my dad. He's a "carpenter and tinkerer", as he puts it. He's always messing around with the house I grew up in. You remind me of him becasue you're tinkering but with other trades. I've been looking for a new contruction podcast with a real, experienced host. I've listened to a couple other episodes and have more downloaded. Niya is awesome! Next time I'm driving with Dad, I'll be sure to play one of your episodes. He's a proud GenXer, will see if he will listen, lol. Arc Junkies is my go to but I still highly recommend this podcast for any tradesperson! Start with Barbie! So fun!

Best construction related podcast

I am a builder in Asheville NC. I listen to Mike on the way to jobsites almost everyday. He has a very honest and humble approach to his interviews. I love that he talks to contractors all over the world. Can't wait to see what 2023 will bring.

The Top Rated Construction Podcast of all Time

I predicted in January of 2021 that Mike Knoche would become the premier construction podcaster of our time. Words that were once merely foresight, and could've been perceived as pandering have been proven true again and again with each new episode. I join the voices of the other guests in celebrating the culture Mike has fostered inside our industry. We've needed a catalyst for change like Mike for a very long time, and I know everyone reading this agrees that we're all so glad to be a part of the worldwide construction tribe. Keep up the great work Mike. I love watching you WIN.

Valuable Resource

Between Mike and all his talented guests, something like 1000 years of experience has been distilled into the podcast so far. If you're interested in the business side of the trade world, there is a lot to learn from The Contracting Handbook.

The best

I’ll tell you what, I’m burn out. Twenty seven years into this and I just don’t want OR DIDN’T WANT TO DO OT ANYMORE. I heard the interview with Michael Anschel way back and it was restorative, for lack of a better word. I forgot about it for a while until I was on vacation in Hawaii for Christmas. You could say I’ve been binge listening. I love it. I have some friends in the industry but it’s not like the podcast. Those relationships are more guarded. It’s part of why I’m burned out, and well, the clients. I wanted to keep listening so my wife and I listen to the one with Rachel Taylor together. Now she follows Rachel on instagram. Great show Mike! Hey, I did it! I wrote the damn review! You deserve it. Thanks!

Mike, you’re a good guy.

This podcast is so cool. I found you last year because a friend said Krystal (paint chick) was on with you. I love her and now I’ve heard Barbie (!), Fiona, Niya, Janeen, and am listening through all the ladies!! I’ll get around to the men too (maybe 🫠🤥🤭) but I just want to say you’ve done a great job. I’m a 12 year welder and I just started into podcasts because of this one. Cheers!

Honest and useful

By far the best construction podcast out there. Mike leads the conversation I’m a way that let’s the guest comfortably express their story. It’s refreshing to hear a construction pod that isn’t just dude energy. Plus, as a business owner, I love hearing how everyone runs their companies. I think Mike has shown us that we construction business owners have something in common, we all invent ourselves and we can always learn and improve. Thanks, dude.

Always a great listen

I enjoy each one, i really enjoy the listen time. The guests always have meaningful content. I also feel engaged even though im just listening. Mike puts his effort into each episode & it shows. I look foward to each week. It makes the weekend extra knowing monday is another great listen. Thank You.

Great and down to earth

Mike this pod is great. Real contractors with real problems and solutions. The name is great too. Class is in session.


Refreshingly authentic conversations with guests you can connect with. I take away something from each and every episode that helps grow myself and my business

Much needed

Love the podcast. Love hearing the insight of those pushing the limits of what we do and realizing they’re just hard working individuals and we all share the same struggles.

He has clearly put in the time and effort for a great podcast!

I’m a bit nervous starting a new construction business, but Mike has really, really made a difference in my attitude towards it. Yes it’ll be challenging, but with guidance like this- I just know I’ll make it through whatever comes my way! Thank you man, for an inspiring business podcast. You’re really making a difference out there!


Great podcast with great guests. This is what I've been looking for. The interviews and advice are outstanding.

The podcast of the trades for the trades

if you looking for open and genuine podcast about the buildings trade then look no further. I have discovered over many great conversations many great tid pids of great knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond the trades. I am a carpenter and someday looking to run my own business and through this podcast I have gain great insights to how to run a business. Beyond on the business I have discovered great wisdom on many aspects of the trades and how to work more professional. And finally it has shown that we in trades we are not alone

Wow! Game Changer!

Every episode is chocked full of unsurpassed knowledge. Mike and his guests give out so many golden nuggets of information. I wish that I had these knowledge bombs 20 years ago! It certainly would have rid my company of years of being stuck in the mud. I encourage everyone reading this to take a deep dive into every episode starting with the first. You won’t want to miss a single bit of the gracious wisdom that Mike and other contractors share. I promise you’ll be a better contractor/business owner as a result!

The ONLY contracting pod you need to listen to

Mike Knoche is the consummate podcast host. He thoughtfully chooses guests who are genuinely interesting, who add value to the industry, and who are excited to share their story. It’s obvious that he takes the time to research and understand his guests so that he can shine a light on what makes them unique in the industry. Instead of just running through cookie cutter questions, his questions are tailored specifically to each guest which gives listeners a fresh take with every episode. He draws attention to different frames of mind, perspectives and ideas. By doing so, the pod doesn’t get repetitive or stale. On top of that, his intros are always expertly crafted to encapsulate the essence of each and every guest’s personality. I’ve learned so much already as a new remodeling contractor and business owner to give me the leg up, and to prepare me for a long lasting and successful career as a remodeler. The thing that makes the show so relatable to me personally, is hearing other successful folks in the trades talking openly about their struggles, it unifies us and helps to diminish stigma surrounding the industry. Whether it’s experiences with financial stability, emotional and mental well-being, physical health, or family and relationships, Mike jumps right in and asks the hard questions. He also asks the business and trade specific questions that we may be embarrassed to admit that we don’t know, whether we’ve been in the industry for one year, or 20. Through this podcast, Mike gets at the heart of what it means to be in this type of work- we are all builders, creators and artists. By collecting these stories, lessons learned, and knowledge, we can all help to elevate the field by staying on the cutting edge of building science, being transparent and ethical in our day to day, and we don’t have to choose between caring about the client’s project OR our mental and physical health, we can do BOTH. It is clear that goal of this podcast is to make the industry better. He wants the those in the trades to be more welcoming to newcomers and women, he urges us all to be curious about new methods, and to think critically about the way things have always been done. In this way, he is a catalyst for positive change within the industry and that ripple effect can be seen far and wide with his international guest list. I love this podcast!!