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This was a great learning experience for me personally, he pointed out several things that I need to do to make my business better! Loved his take on success!

Michael Anschel- all three podcast.

Solid “positive” conversation from two independent thinkers. Great job Mike. I met Michael and he’s the real deal.

Pound for pound

Man, I loved this podcast! Tim is such a down to earth guy and I love watching his work on Instagram! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that would rather be in the field than in the office! Awesome talk!!


Mike really has a great way of finding people to share and talk about the trades. The struggles, the triumph, and the growth in the trades. It’s very refreshing and inspiring to hear great topics and speakers! Thanks Mike!!!

Highly recommend

Mike is a great host. Thanks for bringing topics to light that helps us contractors better our businesses. Look forward to season 2!

Great talk

Just listened to the podcast with Mike and Gina Hoyt of Big Dog Construction, great talk! She is definitely right about the fact that we need to mentor new comers and figure out a way to bring interest back to the schools!

Found Mike on Hammr, love the show

I’ve just listened to three shows today. Really great content. Covers a wide range of construction issues beyond “contracting”.

Found Mike on Hammr, love the show

I’ve just listened to three shows today. Really great content. Covers a wide range of construction issues beyond “contracting”.

The Conversation

I have enjoyed every episode to date. I just wanted you to know, that your podcast is a catalyst that has created conversation. I have talked with other contractors about various topics. It is unlikely these conversations would have happened without the podcast!

Great podcast with Brandt Taylor and Mike knoche

Had to take a day to do some estimates today and listened to your podcast with Brandt Taylor, it covered so many aspects of what I’m dealing with right now with a small business and trying to grow! Thank you and Brandt, the waste issues are real, not sure what the answers will be but I know one thing I’ve run into in my area, no one carries 14’ long treated lumber, so a lot of times I have to buy 16’ stuff to get what I need for a deck build , then have 2’ of waste on each board! I try to use up those pieces where I can but structurally a 2’ piece of lumber is useless! And that’s just one example of how waste could be reduced!

Love it!

It’s definitely worth your time if you are trying to stay informed.

Great podcast

I binged the first season and giving it a second listen. I really like the fundamental approach and the focus on smaller companies. There are a lot of great take aways in each episode.

Mike is awesome!

There is so much good stuff in these episodes. I can't count how many "I wish I heard this years ago" moments I've had so far. Mike sharing what he's learned over the years is definitely helping me to be better at what I do. Thanks a lot for putting this out there and keep it up!

King of Contracting

Mike Knoche plays NO games! Every episode is value-packed and every listener is going to walk away learning something new to implement in their business right away

Awesome podcast for contractors

Mike Knoche from The Contracting Handbook clearly understands the plights and successes of being a tradesperson/general contractor. His understanding of the nuance of the business as well as his experiences in a wide variety of new construction to remodel scenarios yields an excellent podcast not only featuring his own contributions and experiences but the contributions of key guests in the construction industry. Anyone can pick up a thing or two from this podcast and to boot Mike is a great guy. Keep an eye out for his book coming soon!

Mike knows his stuff!

As a small business owner this podcast has been great! Mike has shared many ideas and tips on the podcast that I have used in my business. He talks from actual experience, keeps it real and speaks on actual topics small business owners need and go through!

Great tips!

As a small business owner - entrepreneur, I think the show is on point! I look forward to the next show.

On Point Good Advice

I’ve been in electrical contractor for years and figured out my own system and that seems to work but since I’ve stumbled across Mike’s podcast I’ve had a lot of eye-opening that makes sense moments. Totally started incorporating some of the advice on handling clients and their expectations. Interviews are also awesome it’s cool to get opinions from contractors all around the world and see how they do it and the challenges that they face.

For more than just contractors

I started listening to this one on a whim. Mike has a down to earth, straight shooting approach. The anecdotes and lessons apply to any small business owner, not just contractors!

It’s beef jerky!

Mike’s podcast is great - each episode packs a lot of information into a little bit of time, and the advice is solid. It’s beef jerky: there’s always plenty to chew on, it’s high-value, tasty, and goes down easy. Good show & great information.

Best podcast out there!

I’m a small time contractor in Northern California. I started my business a year and a half ago but due to COVID just got my license this year.. I just want to say thank you so much for this podcast and what your doing. I don’t have that mentor on the business side and this has been amazing. The what and what not to do on cold calls, first meetings. Thank you thank you

Quality Content

I’ve got to give you a shoutout, your podcast could not have come at a better time for me. I’m struggling hard with whether I should go out in my own or not. Almost too much side work for me to handle while working a W-2. Anyhow, I was a follower of Sean Francis on Instagram, and found you through him being on the show. Looking forward to the future podcasts, keep up the great content man!

Practical and helpful advice

Mike does a great job of providing clear, practical advice! I especially liked his tips for recognizing and turning down non-ideal clients. It's so important for contractors to understand this!

Can’t get enough (I am new trade Contractor)

I started my business July 2020. I am an electrical contractor. Did my time in the trade and made a head first leap into the world of running your own business. This podcast speaks to me directly I feel. I love the conversational tone. We learn so much through conversation and Mike has provided just that brilliantly. As trades men and women we appreciate straight talk and getting to the point. Keep bumping into that mic filter Mike! We are all still listening!

Some great stuff here!

I love the content Mike is putting out there. The stuff about defining your business, client cold calls, and site visits are all things we never talk to each other about as contractors. So far the show really resonates with me and I keep finding myself writing down tips so I don’t forget them. The interviews are great. Clearly unedited, raw, real conversations between contractors on relevant topics. Thanks, please keep it up!

TCH is a treasure trove for new and old contractors!

I’ve been listening to the podcast and love hearing the different perspectives and pointers from other tradesmen. Mike has a massive career in home building to draw on his experience from and bringing in other contractors from all over the world makes this podcast my go to when driving during my busy day.


I really liked the cold call two podcast. Everything you talked about is so true. So many tire kickers. So many people that want a $number right away. I never say anything until I have measured and gone home and sat on it for a few days. Thanks mike. Keep up the good work.

The Handbook

Mike is the man. Contractors, tradesmen, business people, listen up! Excellent voice from an underrepresented part of the business world.