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It’s good to hear Harvey’s thoughts on the issues we encounter daily!im glad to see him touch on the cutting the phone off at night and the weekends! It seems to be a time when everyone is thinking about their project and I’m trying not to think about a project! Great talk, great guy! And as always, way to get them talking mike!

Humble legend

One of the best so far! Tom is such a genuine and straight forward person I’ve had the privilege to meet on ig! You can hear the passion in his voice and see it in the details in his work! If you can’t get inspiration from watching and talking to Tom you might need to rethink your process! And mike you killed it again with an awesome interview! Thank y’all for taking the time to give advice, inspiration and direction!


Love the one on one long format. Mike is quite good as an interviewer.

Trades are rising !!!

Hey Mike Just read your post … I really can’t wait to hear these interviews Coming in for season 3 It’s so exciting I am really looking forward to the discussions on how not to run your business Reason being …. I’m 37 Working for my father Home builder/renovation! Been here all my life ,he still runs the company like it’s 1985 It drives me absolutely crazy . Yes I works but with today’s technology and the awareness surrounding workers rights and the importance of employees feeling valued and not just a “worker” I am just starting to take on more of the business side of the company as the word “retirement “ is being thrown around a lot lately.. He’s not retiring because he want to relax and enjoy life . He’s retiring because he’s tired of dealing with people !!! I am so ready to take the business over and involve our employees a little more and have some special days throughout the year to show them I appreciate them !!! The trades have so be much room to grow. We have been kept low on the totem pole in society But I relate that statement too.. The lowest on the pole must be the strongest.. and must hold everyone else up or the pole falls over ! You are doing a really good thing here !! Keep up the good work!!

Real Folks Talking About Real Topics

👏You always have the best conversations and articles. Thanks for sharing.

Definition of professional

I actually had an opportunity to converse with Mike. Off the bat, I can say he is a stand up professional. I wrote this down on my yellow legal pad (thanks Mike) just to make sure I can convey what I feel I NEED to. The advice and tips he provides in The Contractors Handbook are invaluable. Mike is generous enough to provide the best information some won’t share. The Contractors Handbook gives a great outline to stay on track and be successful. There are so many factors in this complicated industry. Mike Knoche brings forward all of the aspects that professionals can easily overlook. Interviews are well spoken, thought out, and to the point. Everybody IN this industry or contemplating joining this industry has to get real, get serious, and be professional. The contractors Handbook will help everyone who listens do just that. Mike and I touched on how stressful contracting can be. Accidents, deadlines, and a pile of office work WILL happen. In episodes 25 & 26, Mike interviews health coach Vinnie Vecchio. These episodes give you the basic ingredients to be fruitful. One has to be healthy and manage stress to be able to focus on your work. Doing so will minimize unforeseen circumstances. The fight or flight response is real, very real. Dealing with people in general, this response can escalate situations rapidly. Learn to deal with that response, and you will minimize exponentially compounding and undesired situations. Me listening to Mike’s solid information and my own hard lesson, I was able to comprehend this absolute fact. Mike, I wish you a happy and healthy life. I sincerely mean that. Thank you. - Craig SFC

Very helpful!

I'm almost through the second season and have been really enjoying the content. Mike and his guests are knowledgeable, relevant, very helpful, relatable and fun to listen to! I've been in construction for about 13 years and am in my third year of running my own small business as a one man show. Can definitely relate to some of the struggles he talks about with wearing all the hats! Thanks Mike for creating a great podcast!

Must listen for all contractors

Wish this was here when I started out. Mike and his guests inform and entertain. Always look forward to the next

So awesome!

Mike, I downloaded iTunes just so I can write you this review. 🙂🙂 I listen to your podcast on Spotify. It gets me trough LA traffic on the daily. I’ve tried listening to other podcasts about the trades and it’s not the same. Most of the time the hosts have no idea what’s the difference between a screw and a nail. It’s so nice that you actually are a GC and have done practically any job there is. It shows how much you’re able to relate to the guest and ask the right questions to keep the conversation going. Thank you for what you’re doing! Keep it up! It’s always great to listen!

The more you know.

I have never bean able to really listen to podcasts, or audiobooksand stay productive at work. However the contracting handbook had me all in for days! So much great information and great perspectives on what being in the construction industry can look like. . I have really enjoyed the episodes ive listened to and im looking forward to getting my headphones back on and hearing more. Great podcasts and great content. This is exactly what i needed to be listening too.

The Next Generation of Tradesmen

As a carpenter in their late 20s, it’s very refreshing and encouraging to listen to people talk positively about the trades as a profession. Mike does a fantastic job of sparking conversations that aren’t being heard enough. Believe it or not, there are plenty of us young guys out there ready to take the torch and we want to be seen as professionals with skills that matter. I encourage people of all ages to listen and participate in this podcast. Cheers.

Mike brings the knowledge!

I've been listening to the podcast since half way through season 1, and there is so much knowledge throughout. Not just sprinkled in, absolutely overflowing with pearls of wisdom. Starting my own business is something I want in my future, so being able to gain this information from so many different perspectives and years of hard earned experience is such an incredibly valuable resource to have! Keep killing it Mike, cause whether it is just you speaking or one of your fanstastic guests, we're all learning a lot.

Top information

As someone who is in the second year of running a sub contracting business the topics Mike covers really make you think about how and why you are running your business. I recommend new contractors and even those with decades of experience giving these a listen, we are in game of learning and this podcast definitely has information to learn from and implement.

Awesome Content

Enjoyed the last podcast with Spencer Lewis always enjoyed his social media content, looking forward to diving into past episodes and learning from you, and new craftsman who are willing to keep/help move craftsmanship forward...

Hero's In The Shadows

I love the contracting handbook podcast it's a great blueprint for the upcoming gen of new builders to gain insight and advice normally hidden in the trade secrets to learn from the elite builders. I have gained a ton of knowledge and insiders tips that you would normally spend decades trying gain all in setting from these guys..I mean they dont have to share the knowledge but they take the time to do it and myself just entering the trades at 41 it saves me years of trail and error..These guys are really hero's behind the sence and I am willing to keep learning from the contracting handbook.

So helpful for those new and those who are experienced!

Cannot say enough good things about what this podcast is covering. Over the past few years I’ve been searching for discussions like this. Highly recommend for anyone new and wanting to improve and hear stories from your peers or for anyone experienced and just driven to always explore and do better.

Casey talks…

Great double episode with Casey Finan. I really enjoyed hearing him talk about his passion and integrity in his career as a carpenter and in life. ❤️

Ryan Smith

Just finished this one and it didn’t disappoint! Ryan has so much knowledge in roofs, I love seeing his videos showing how to figure out a dimension, especially the way he explains how it will interact with the rest of the surrounding roof! I agree 💯 percent, we do need to talk about mental health more, it’s something we all deal with and he is lucky to have someone to talk to to bring things in perspective! His point on prefab and trusses are great, I’ve seen some of the jokes he mentioned and I get the production building is a lot different, it’s needed in some cases more than hand cutting, but I think the craft is dwindling and not many are interested in learning the “old ways” ! I think like he said it’s more about the money and how many can I build than about the quality and pride in being able to say I built that! I could go on but I’ll leave room for someone else! Great talks as always Mike! You’ve got a great thing going on here! You don’t just talk to the big guys, you include everyone in the trades and that’s what makes this work!

Casey Finan - Rehaber Pod Cast

Great insight into self determination.


Just finished part 2! Love his outlook on making things with quality and his legacy as mike called it! It was really surprising to hear about his health issues but just like any true craftsman, the problem solving part of his mind kicked in and wouldn’t stop until he figured it out! Hope the new treatment helps a bunch and I look forward to his post on Hammr!! Great job as always mike!


Just finished listening! Robin is such a genuine person! I’ve had many conversations with her and I follow all her moves and accomplishments she achieves daily! A true inspiration to anyone coming into the trades and I was excited to hear her say she wanted to take this to the schools and get kids involved! And great job again Mike, asking the right questions to get the good information out here!

Drew part 2

Just finished episode 2 ! Drew brought up a lot of thoughts that I’ve had, the what’s billable really opened up my mind and the conversation about knowing your worth was priceless! Thank y’all!!

Best Construction Related Podcast

I like Mike’s honest and clean approach to the interviews. The variety of guest keeps things interesting. I always find myself with those driveway moments when I just have to finish the episode before I can move on to my next task. Mostly love all the take always from the podcast. I always find myself quoting the info I learn.

Ella star!!

Great podcast again Mike! Love her attitude and upbeat personality! She is going to make bank in her new business! Can’t wait to see how quickly her business grows!

This is the podcast that got me into podcasts!

I was a little hesitant to listen to this because I’m not a contractor, though I am a tradesman. There is so much great info in here. Kinoche has a variety of different folks in the trades, representing a wide range of knowledge and perspectives. If you have any interest in building at all you’ll find all kinds of useful information in every episode. (Full disclosure: Mike interviewed me for a future episode. I wouldn’t have gone on if I didn’t believe in what he’s doing.)

Out Standing Product

If Mike builds houses anything like he builds a podcast they have to be some the best ever built. As an reformed engineer and aspiring GC Mike's advice, check lists, and interviews are god send for someone just starting out. His topical episodes in particular helped me establish systems and screening criteria at the start of my business and not 5 or 10 years down the road. I cannot wait for the book to come out (hopefully on audio for the truck) to help me become a more effective and efficient builder.

Rachael Taylor

Once again you got her talking about the interesting things! Love her attitude on seeing ahead of the curve and understanding that you have to look past the present! Great show y’all!

Great informative listen

I haven’t made it through season 1 yet bc I have been living under a rock and am just now listening to this podcast. With that being said there could be more of this content coming that I haven’t made it to yet but season one episode eleven is something that I can directly relate to. Not necessarily the framing aspect but being the “head guy” or foreman or whatever you wanna call this. In a way I see lots of commentary from the standpoint as the owner and not necessarily the number one guys at these places which is of great value. It is important to hear from the people who have the business but I personally would like to hear more from the people who are actually doing the work and their standpoint on some of these topics. Now of course I don’t wanna hear from John Doe the laborer who just started a month ago but the guys who have real experience.

Joe with a truck

- no matter where you are in the world , no matter what building trade experience you have . Mike and his wide range of guest will tell you something you can relate to and learn from . I always say , construction is about problem solving . And learning from other people will give you a shortcut to do better at solving the problems you’ll encounter. I love listening to the show in my way to work , it motivates en encourage me to do better at my job but also as a person.

A tool belt worthy podcast for the trades!

Dear Mike, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your podcast. I’m a 4th gen craftsman that’s been in the trades for about 28 years of my life. From turn key residential to design build custom carpentry/cabinetry, I’ve literally done work in almost every trade in residential construction. As a former custom cabinet/trim contractor, I really enjoy listening to other contractors and tradesmen from different parts of the industry. The ideas to improve different areas and aspects of the trades, how to be a better individual contractor, tips and tricks of the trades, and so much more! Your podcast is stellar. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing the insight, ideas, and innovations of others. It’s a 5 star show brother! The Relic