Dec. 27, 2021

Robin Clevett is a carpenter and building fanatic with a business problem! Take the work with the clients you choose,

Robin Clevett is a carpenter and building fanatic with a business problem! Take the work with the clients you choose,

Robin Clevett is a carpenter, joiner, and passionate builder in the UK and he's translating that work into a YouTube channel that has tutorials and techniques from his hands on business. He weaves a great tale about how he came out of school and "accidentally" getting onto business after he'd learned a bit of carpentry. It was a struggle but once he had a taste of self employment, it was over! Even though Robin and I grew up in distant lands, starting the business had similar challenges. They go into self employment vs working for somebody. It's a different mindset bc we have different goals. Then we move on to avoiding bad clients. Even if you think you know, it's still good to hear how Robin teases apart the contractor-client interaction to determine 1. if they really want to do it 2. do they have or will they fund it. Programming (television, cable) programs on property remodels and builds give the public unrealistic expectations about cost and project length. We move on to a touch point about upgrading tools vs the fact that old tools are good tools.

The parallels diverge when it comes to how they run the daily business. Robin is always on site and Mike does site visits. Personally, I love this difference bc I didn't think I could make money being on site. Robin dips into that systemic failure when the general public looked down on the trades. Mike was raised that way and they both agree...who cares what other people think.

The sub prime market and its effect on the labor force is huge. The labor shortage is a huge issue worldwide (though Nick Lonsdale says it's improving in Australia).

We agree that we all build differently where we live but we can learn from each other no matter where we are, but no matter where we are the business is the same.

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