Jan. 3, 2022

WHO’S GONNA BUILD THE BRIDGES? featuring Brant "The Tool Hacker" Taylor


Today, its Brant "The Tool Hacker" Taylor. He rails on the lack of an entry point into the trades and construction industry in the US because its not just public perspective on trades causing the issue with new recruitment. Brant, wants to go even further though. He's making tools and developing techniques to make work easier on the body to "keep the craftsman alive". Many people try trades but once they're in, there is no clear path to upward mobility.

We have a huge housing shortage. We have a labor shortage. Who is gonna build the houses? Who's gonna build the bridges?

Even with some movement towards "sustainable" building techniques, it's not enough. It's still incredibly wasteful and our building have relatively short lives. Brant suggests a direction for the industry.

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Guest: Brant Taylor

Instagram: @thetoolhacker