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This podcast packs a punch. I can’t listen to it in the background while I work, so I cue it up for materials runs or while I clean. There’s always something to write down. Plus, there is a good variety of guests. This makes my Mondays less manic!

Great to meet you at JLC! I absolutely love your pod. After meeting you and hear you talk to others, I know you’re the real deal!

Tim and Brian

Just listened to Brian and Tim! Great podcast! I’ve always enjoyed hearing their points of view, they keep it real and fun! Plus they can both teach us a few things! And like Tim gets into the “ our body’s will wear out” and how to treat ourselves better to last longer!

Automatic Upgrade

Every time the podcast is automatically downloaded, play next is my next choice. Keep up the awesome work!

Too squeaky

How many times have I had to turn a tool off or stop pushing a squeaky wheelbarrow so I wouldn’t miss an interesting moment in this podcast! A huge diversity of guests and interesting perspectives- definitely on my rotation of podcasts while I work.

The Joe Rogan of contracting podcasts!

Where do I start Mike the host of the Contracting Handbook is the most down to earth and fun loving dude you could ever want to sit and chat with. Just like Rogan Mike makes every guest feel welcome and puts them in some sort of a psychic trance. The effortless conversations he has with the contractors he has on seems effortless and fun. Seriously my favorite listen next to The Joe Rogan Experience and I look forward every week to a new guest. Give it a listen and I promise you’ll be hooked! Mike deserves for this thing to explode so let’s spread the word and get him to the top! Tom- Straight Up Stairs

Great podcast for every tradesperson. Listen and you’ll see👍

One of my favorite podcasts to listen too. Mike is one cool cat and a great host. It doesn’t matter what trade you’re in (or looking to get into), I’m sure you will gain some pertinent information from listening…and be entertained as well. It’s great hearing real stories from real people. Influencing people to get into the trades, one story at a time. Great job Mike K from the AK 🙌

Why I got into the trades

I’m a second generation builder. Growing up on a jobsite I never questioned what I wanted to do in life. My first aspirations as young as kindergarten were to be a business owner. Along the way I’ve had so many role models in the trades who have helped me in countless ways. Kevin Choquette Ravin Builders Rhode Island

Top notch pod!

Hey Mike, always appreciate listening to you and your guest on the podcast. Interesting to hear others share ideas and some of the struggles we are up against in the trades. Thought provoking for sure.

It's very interesting story

Mike is a real contractor. That comes through loud and clear in each episode. He’s obviously got many years of experience, and the tips he’s shared have already saved me thousands on a couple of personal projects. The podcast is fun to listen to, and the guest selection has been impressive. He’s a very good interviewer. Looking forward to where it goes in the future!

Very interesting podcast. Thank you for that. I listen in Stuttgart, Germany.

Mike is a kind, funny, articulate person. In a short amount of time he's gone from giving business advise he had to learn the hard way on the podcast to, interviewing industry pioneers, wave makers and norm shakers. With every episode he grows the world wide construction tribe and I'm so proud to be a part of it

I love Mike's approach to hosting real podcasts discussing very real topics related to the industry. I was humbled to have been a guest on one episode and he is a regular listen for me!

What Mike is doing with this podcast is so important. Bringing so many unique voices to the table and extracting from them real world pearls of insight for us all to benefit from. This is a serious pod. No drama, No hype, No fight, No macho nonsense. This should be on the top of everyone's list.

9 out of 10

Nothing is perfect but this podcast is excellent!

Mike, I like the way you roll. I can tell you’re thinking and processing in each conversation. It’s totally badass that you record and produce this podcast on the side. I know that it’s no joke to produce. Before I got into contracting, I was a music producer, so I know how it can be when there is one detail that needs to be just right. Man, I hope I get to meet you one day. That would be dope.

Pretty Good Podcast

Get it? I enjoy the diversity of guests from many trades and experience levels. I’m like you and build high performance as best I can with what I’ve got. I’d love to hear more from that community too. For those of you who didn’t get it, “Pretty good” podcast is a take off from the “Pretty Good House”, a book that helps set standards for hp homes. This podcast is refreshing, thoughtful, and a pleasure to listen to

Real people

I don't know how you choose your guests, but they are all great! Please don't stop.

30 years in the trades and dig the content

Killing it with great guests and content. Something personal to me is mentoring/teaching and uplifting the occupation for future generations. That's where it has to start if we want inspired people working for us and Mike is doing it his way with the pod.

You’re changing lives, THANK YOU Mike.

Seriously, it’s a must listen podcast, implementing the things Mike talks through his podcast is a game changer, now business is much easier and enjoyable, and making more money is never a bad thing. The info and the tips are top notch and the guests are always wicket cool. Keep up the good work Mike.


I liked the episode about estimating with Michael Anschel. I don’t know how to incorporate it all but the conversation and follow up on IG Live were thought provoking. I don’t have anyone to talk to about contracting. This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m going back to the beginning of Season 1. I look forward to your ruse. Congrats on getting in the Top 2%!!

Most excellent

The concept of this construction podcast is far out! It’s about our collective experience and nuance. At the end of the day, every job we do as contractors is more about collaboration not competition. Very cool. Highly recommend.

Good program

From Jake Bruton to Barbie the Welder, this recent season took some interesting twists and turns. I enjoy that you have people at all different experience levels on the show, differing trades, also from different countries. I’m an aging contractor and I never underestimate the insight that younger tradespeople have on a project. Fresh eyes, fresh perspective. I enjoy the focus of each show, always a little different from the last. Your questions at the end brings about humility. I like that. I hope to hear more soon.

If you’re in the field of construction or contracting, and you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re seriously doing yourself a disservice. Mike Knoche has created an epic podcast that is simply put, refreshing to listen to. He selects guests with unique skill sets and backgrounds, so it never gets repetitive or boring hearing the same thing over and over again. He also does a fantastic job at getting to know each guest before hand, and it shows in the quality of the pod. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from his show. On multiple occasions I’ve literally been sitting down listening to the same episode for the 3rd time with a pen and paper so I can take notes. It’s given me so many new perspectives to consider, and I can say wholeheartedly that my business has improved directly as a result from listening to this podcast. Thank you Mike! 10/10 recommend!!

Smashing it!

I didn't start out in the construction world, my background is in business administration and financial planning. When I came into the construction world there were so many things about the industry that seemed odd to me about how construction businesses were run and how the business owners conducted their business. Fast forward to Mike and his podcast going on-air, WOW, who would have thought that one man could bring about such conversation and on topics that EVERYONE should be talking about and learning about in this industry! I have learned so much from the podcasts and the people who have bared their souls to Mike in the interest of helping the rest of us succeed! There is always something in every episode that hits home for me, there are things that I chew on for awhile, and there are things that I say, "nope that wouldn't work for me". But the point of it all is to open your mind and be open to changing yourself and your business constantly. If you listen to these people with an open mind and a willingness to learn, YOU WILL WANT TO BE BETTER! Thank you Mike, you are a miracle worker in so many ways, your podcast and some of it's guests have helped me tremendously over the past 2 years to grow both my own mental health and our business. And thank you for becoming an amazing friend and colleague!

Thanks Mike

Keep it up! Good man.


Glad I found this podcast. Very well done by a very well rounded individual. Keep up the great work Mike! And keep the great episodes coming! — EJB

Let’s hear the real MK!

You hairy bastard! Quit being so casual all the time. Give us some cynical burnt out contractor action, hehe! No, but really. F*** yes! I’m not picking favorites but I’ve listened to many of your episodes multiple times. It keeps getting better. Also, LOVE THE THEME JAM. It’s the only podcast theme worth an earworm, he. Bring it, maestro!

"Welded art is the gateway drug into the trades" -Barbie The Welder

NO CAP!!! The questions you asked Barbie were unexpected to me, but you're a carpenter. I'm an apprentice welder but you remind me off my dad. He's a "carpenter and tinkerer", as he puts it. He's always messing around with the house I grew up in. You remind me of him becasue you're tinkering but with other trades. I've been looking for a new contruction podcast with a real, experienced host. I've listened to a couple other episodes and have more downloaded. Niya is awesome! Next time I'm driving with Dad, I'll be sure to play one of your episodes. He's a proud GenXer, will see if he will listen, lol. Arc Junkies is my go to but I still highly recommend this podcast for any tradesperson! Start with Barbie! So fun!