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Some great stuff here!

I love the content Mike is putting out there. The stuff about defining your business, client cold calls, and site visits are all things we never talk to each other about as contractors. So far the show really resonates with me and I keep finding myself writing down tips so I don’t forget them. The interviews are great. Clearly unedited, raw, real conversations between contractors on relevant topics. Thanks, please keep it up!

TCH is a treasure trove for new and old contractors!

I’ve been listening to the podcast and love hearing the different perspectives and pointers from other tradesmen. Mike has a massive career in home building to draw on his experience from and bringing in other contractors from all over the world makes this podcast my go to when driving during my busy day.


I really liked the cold call two podcast. Everything you talked about is so true. So many tire kickers. So many people that want a $number right away. I never say anything until I have measured and gone home and sat on it for a few days. Thanks mike. Keep up the good work.

The Handbook

Mike is the man. Contractors, tradesmen, business people, listen up! Excellent voice from an underrepresented part of the business world.